A Strategic Approach to Business & Real Estate


The Company :

Fact Business & Realty Inc. (FBRI) was established in 1996 to meet the strategic advisory and consultancy needs of our clients.


Client Base:

Our client base has included private and publicly traded firms as well as family owned and operated multi-generational businesses.



Our founder has held senior positions in the aerospace, infrared, barcode, cellular, medical software, restaurant and real estate industries with more than two decades of Turn Around experience.




Our Focus:

As an Advisor to Management our focus is to provide independent and objective advice that results in measurable operational improvements.

Our Approach: 

Applies a Process Consultative top-down methodology that examines the firm's current operating structures searching for improvement opportunities.

Fees and Confidentiality:

FBRI is a fee and commission based company that operates  with a high degree of confidentiality and integrity in all client matters.


Mission Statement:

A firm's Mission Statement should clarify the vision, purpose and long term objectives of the organization for Employees, Clients and Investors.


Strategic Planning: 

The process of blending long-term Mission objectives with an unbiased situational assessment identifying the changes that may be required to promote full engagement of new and existing market growth opportunities.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

Successful management believes that   "structure follows strategy" and requires that the firm's operational tasks, processes and responsibilities be optimized to meet and implement the firm's Mission and Strategy.


Since 1996, Fact Business & Realty, Inc. (FBRI) has provided Process Consultation services to companies and individuals in multiple industries.  Whether you are buying, selling or expanding your business operations and related real estate holdings, the process is complex and personal.  Therefore, we tailor an approach to meet your specific goals and objectives. We believe that the strategic elements of your business should take into account any future plans to grow, finance or even exit the business. Our experience and proven approach uniquely positions Fact Business & Realty, Inc. (FBRI) to become  a member of your team.