FBRI has provided business consulting services to companies since its founding,  calling on the extensive background of its founder, Frank Thomas, during his career as a senior manager for companies in multiple industries.

Proven approaches in strategic and tactical planning, organizational development, and business operational management can be used to prepare and optimize a company's performance to help it meet its goals and objectives. The focus of our consulting efforts is aimed at improving operational efficiency and effectiveness as measured by financial results. 


In order to achieve extraordinary results for our consulting clients, we examine a company's specific "Critical Success Factors" to ensure that management focus is on those areas that not only match the company's products and services with the intended market, but by design provide a successful value proposition.  This approach requires FBRI to analyze and prepare a plan of action that is client and market  focused.  Successful consulting assignments require an open interchange with owners and management that leads to a tailored approach because there is no "one size fits all" solution at the strategic level of an enterprise, regardless of its size or industry.  To achieve out-sized performance, the consultant must also review the approach to market penetration and competitive advantage strategies that integrate innovation and disruptive capabilities it may have so that all the functions of the enterprise are operating in unison.