Business Brokering


Making the decision to buy or sell your business is difficult enough on its own.  At FBRI, we aim to minimize the complexity of the transaction.  We achieve this by providing our clients with services that cover the entire buying or selling process.  From our initial consultation, we utilize business information you provide, we then analyze your business, research the industry, and perform a due diligence investigation to develop a fair market value.  With this information in hand, we prepare a comprehensive information package to take the transaction to market.


Once we have established a business valuation, we use our intellectual capital and the experience of our dedicated team to search out strategic buyers/sellers to meet or exceed our clients' business brokering goals.  We don't simply list a business on a website and wait for potential transactions to come to us; rather, we strategically pinpoint possible buyers/sellers that fit the company in question.  Since transactions involve two or more parties, we look at the buy/sale process from both the seller's and buyer's perspective.  In this way, all parties benefit from the transaction.


FBRI provides overall deal management of the entire buying/selling process on an exclusive basis.  From marketing to deal negotiation to assisting in financial alternatives, our approach remains constant.  We are here to serve our clients and arrive at a fair and equitable value for their business.  In order to perform our duties with the best possible result, we keep our clients and their representatives informed during each step of the transaction.  In addition, to protect the operational integrity of the business, so that neither customers nor employees are notified during the buy/sale process, we operate with the highest degree of confidentiality and integrity.