Commercial Real Estate

Getting Started

While many of the concepts are the same, there can be significant differences between the commercial and residential real estate markets.  Commercial transactions can have additional legal implications, particularly in zoning and land use considerations.  Further, commercial buyers generally are not afforded the same consumer protections as residential buyers and sellers.  Fact Business & Realty Inc. supports every transaction with in-depth analyses that include financial & industry considerations, thus ensuring your interests are protected.


When buying, selling, or leasing a piece of commercial real estate, there are always risks involved. The best approach to minimizing risk is to first establish goals and objectives, which will evolve into a strategic framework from which to optimize the real estate transaction.  Fact Business & Realty Inc. approaches all transactions from a consultative approach to ensure a successful outcome for our clients.


Transacting real estate without a clear understanding of the business that will operate on it is all too often a recipe for failure.  To optimize results for the parties involved, we offer our real estate services within a strategic and financial consulting framework.  This consultative approach enhances the relationship between the real estate owner(s) and the business owner(s) early on, with proven beneficial results.  Fact Business & Realty Inc. operates under exclusive agreement to engage our services, and requires a modest cost advance.  Contact FBRI today to bring our years of real estate and business consulting experience to your team.